Shipping Movement Codes

Table Codes

GRT Gross Registered Tonnage
LOA Length Overall
Draft Depth of vessel below the waterline
RSN Reason for entering port
LIN Lines company
PS Port or Starboard 'to' (to berth)
Tug Number of tugs required
PE Pilot embarkation - (H)elicopter, (C)utter, (E)xempt
DGP Dangerous Goods Permit
WP Work Permit
BP Bunker Permit
MC Manifest Complete

b - Pilot is booked
* - Movement is completed

Berth & Port Codes

Berth Code Berth Port Code Port / Country
B6 Koppers Berth AUBNE Brisbane
CAR Carrington - Fitzroy Street AUHBA Hobart
Coal Unknown coal berth AUGLT Gladstone
D1 Dyke 1 AUPKL Port Kembla
D2 Dyke 2 AUSYD Sydney
D4 Dyke 4 AUWEP Weipa
D5 Dyke 5 CNZZZ China
D6 Dyke 6 HKZZZ Hong Kong
E1 Eastern Basin 1 IDZZZ Indonesia
E2 Eastern Basin 2 INZZZ India
GEN General Cargo Berth JPZZZ Japan
K2 Kooragang 2 KRZZZ Korea
K3 Kooragang 3 MYZZZ Malaysia
K4 Kooragang 4 NCNOU Noumea
K5 Kooragang 5 NZZZZ New Zealand
K6 Kooragang 6 PGZZZ Papua New Guinea
K7 Kooragang 7 PHMNL Manila
K8 Kooragang 8 PHZZZ Philippines
K9 Kooragang 9 TWZZZ Taiwan
T1 Throsby 1    
W3 Western Basin 3    
W4 Western Basin 4