Incident Control


For Police, Fire or Ambulance in Australia, telephone 000.

Incident Control System

To minimise any potential impact, Port Authority of New South Wales has developed an Incident Control System specifically to deal with incidents that may occur in the Port's environs.Pollution Incident Management Response Plan - Helipad - 12 July 2016

The system consists of a plan and a number of supporting procedures and guidelines.

The Corporation has allocated significant resources into staff training and the purchase of response equipment to prepare for an incident that may occur.

In addition to Port Authority's own resources, we are part of an Australia wide National Plan for response to environmental incidents. This allows Port Authoriyt to call upon other resources and equipment available in Ports around Australia. In most cases this equipment can be deployed to Newcastle within 24 hours.

Any oil or chemical spills in State Waters between Fingal Head to the north of Newcastle and Seven Mile Beach to the south of Port Kembla should be reported to:


or (02) 4985 8222 (8.30am - 4.30pm - business hours)

State Waters consist of the territorial sea from low water mark for three nautical miles.


Newcastle Port Corporation's pollution incident response management plan for the site holding an Environmental Protection Licence can be accessed on the link below:

Pollution Incident Management Response Plan - Helipad - 12 July 2016