Newcastle Port Corporation considers its own impact on the environment, looking to continually improve environmental performance in areas such as recycling, waste reduction and the purchase of goods that have less impact on the environment.

Reducing our impact on the environment

Like all businesses, the Newcastle Port Corporation uses various natural and other resources in order to conduct its operations. In being environmentally responsible, we aim to reduce the amount of resources that we use and to reduce the waste that we cause.

We have a Waste Reduction and Purchasing Policy (WRAPP) and Committee, which helps to ensure that we are vigilant in considering resources, waste and the environmental impact of items that we purchase.

The WRAPP committee meets to manage and assess our activities in the area, and looks at new and different ways to reduce our impact on the environment.


The use of electronic communication has reduced paper generation and flow between departments.

The Corporation has recycling bins for paper, emptied daily by cleaning contractors and forwarded to recyclers. Used toner cartridges are also recycled.

Summer Hill Waste Management Centre is used for green waste (approx. 2 tonnes p.a.) Mulch is also used for landscaping (approx. 2 tonnes p.a.).

The Corporation has used broken concrete and soil produced by building activities to reclaim additional land adjacent to East Basin. This action increased the available wharf stacking area.

Environmental Causes

As a member of the local community the Newcastle Port Corporation helps local environmental causes where appropriate and possible.

Conservation Volunteers Australia – Nobbys Project

The ongoing support of Newcastle Port Corporation is allowing Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) to continue its positive work in rejuvenating the coastline along Nobbys and Horseshoe Beach.

Newcastle Port Corporation has provided $24,000 in sponsorship for CVA volunteers to perform ongoing environmental projects at Nobbys over two years (2011-12 and 2012-13).

International and local volunteers have been working along Macquarie Pier at Nobbys to weed, plant native species, maintain fences and access ways, as well as remove litter from the beach.

The CVA volunteers also have controlled the movement of sand by installing coir logs, removing invasive weed species and replacing with native plants that assist the formation and stabilisation of coastal sand dunes.

Conservation Volunteers Australia is a not-for-profit, community based organisation, established in 1982 and is recognised as Australia’s leading practical conservation group.

More information about Conservation Volunteers Australia can be gained from its website: www.conservationvolunteers.com.au

Stockton Beach Clean Up

One of Newcastle Port Corporation's major environmental sponsorships is the annual clean of Stockton Bight Beach.

The Corporation has been an enthusiastic sponsor of the event which attracts hundreds of people on the last Sunday of each October to clean the 26 kilometre beach front between Stockton and Birubi Point at Port Stephens.

Keeping Newcastle Clean

Newcastle Port Corporation also is an annual supporter of Clean Up Australia Day which is held in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie in March each year.

Increasing focus on clean waterways means it is only fitting that the Corporation support the local effort which is organised by Newcastle and Lake Macquarie City Councils.