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This section explains the various services around the port that are related to the safe movement of ships and other services such as supply, maintenance and repair of vessels.

The Vessel Traffic Information Centre (VTIC), Port Services Section, Pilots, Survey and Dredging are all a part of the Newcastle Port Corporation. The Other Port Services are provided by different organisations.

Pilotage is compulsory in the Port of Newcastle. A helicopter is used to deliver/retrieve the pilot to around 80% of the shipping movements. A pilot cutter is used for the remainder of the movements.

The Pilots of the port of Newcastle operate from the pilot station located on the southern foreshore of the port just inside the port entrance.

Left, an aerial view of the Pilot Station.


The port's Vessel Traffic Information Centre (VTIC) is also located at this facility.

This Centre facilitates the safe and efficient movement of vessels in the harbour. It acts as a "one-stop-shop" for the booking of pilots, tugs and linesmen.

The Port Corporation surveyors check the depth of the channels and berths, to ensure the safe passage of vessels. The depths at berth and channel areas are maintained by the NPC dredge "David Allan".

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