Emergency Information


For Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance - Telephone 000

Oil or Chemical Spills

Port Authority of New South Wales is responsible for any oil or chemical spills inside Newcastle Harbour and in State Waters between Catherine Hill Bay to the south and the Fingal Head to the north.

Any oil or chemical spills in State Waters between Fingal Head to the north of Newcastle and Seven Mile Beach to the south of Port Kembla should be reported to:


(02) 4929 3890 (24 hours)
or (02) 4985 8222 (8.30am - 4.30pm - business hours)
State Waters consist of the territorial sea from low water mark for three nautical miles

For more information about oil and chemical spills > Incident Control

Dangerous Goods

The supervision and handling of dangerous goods is carried out in accordance with the relevant Acts, Regulations, Codes and Guidelines including Part 11 of the NSW Dangerous Goods Regulations 1999 and the associated Australian Standard AS3846-1988, utilising suitably trained personnel.

Port Authority of New South Wales has separated the Dangerous Goods legislative monitoring and control into three different permit categories.

More information > Dangerous Goods.